After a good start on the affordable Artfair (AAF) in Hamburg, Brussels is our next (AAF) exhibition. Once again, we are pleased with the progress we are making. Our experience at the previous fair (and visits to many fairs that inspired us) we have made some changes. Thus, we have clearly stated that the art in our stand is, as we put it, art from Africa. We also placed a nice desk by Brak furniture ( and a bench of Pedersen and Lennard (, both South African design, in our stand and had an extra panel placed, on which the art of Neo Matloga has been given a prominent place. Because of the outer wall we can show more art pieces.

Also in Brussels, the art-loving public does not disappoint us, many eyes have properly absorbed the works and many works of art has found its way to a Belgian home.

A work that many found fascinating was the work of Nigerian artist Uche Uzorka. Uche makes mind maps. He states, that when you’re in a strange city and trying to find your way, you start making mind maps. You walk, take the bus or bicycle and gradually connection points emerge in your head in the form of a folder. Now it is easier to get your way in this strange environment. The works that were on display in Brussels showed such maps of a digital world, in which each of us has to find a way. Bit by bit, creating a fascinating landscape, where you can wander wonderfully, without running the risk of getting lost.

Light, Uche Uzorka, 2015.

We consider it a privilege to be allowed to display and sell these beautiful works of art during the fair. Of course, they are also for sale online. You don’t have to wait for the next Art Fair!

Clifton Boulder Gallery continues, we experience every day the richness of life among beautiful art.