South African Art Exhibition in Wassenaar

On 20 May, in the Wittenburg castle, the annual ambassador lunch took place. The lunch was organized by SANEC offerering Dutch entrepeneurs and ambassadors from countries of Southern Africa the chance to meet each other.

In the run of this lunch Gallery Patries van Dorst, located next to the castle, organized, at request of the Ambassador of South Africa, an exhibition of South African art, the South African Art Exhibition. Our Clifton Boulder Gallery participates in this exhibition with works of the artists Neo Matloga, Fortune Dlamini, Samson Mnisi, Themba Khumalo and Mongezi Ncaphayi.

On Sunday, May 1st was the opening of the exhibition, with great interest of an art-loving public. With a drink and South African snack (such as boerewors) one could enjoy the beauty of the art of this beautiful country. The exhibition was officially opened by the Ambassador of South Africa, Mr. Bruce Koloane. In front of the works of Fortune Dlamini he talked about the importance of art for his country and the importance for artists to exhibit their works in an exhibition like this.  He was pleased with the large number of works by black artists, because, in his opinion, it’s much more difficult for them to be part of the global art system than for white South Africans. The latter usually know the world better, have a greater cultural capital and a network which they can use. The present white artists agreed on this. And, continued the ambassador, for black people, who rarely have been outside their own country, the system is less well known and permeable. Therefore, Mr. Koloane was very pleased with the presence of  the artist Mongezi Ncaphayi at the opening and expressed his deep pride.


Mr. Bruce Koloane opens the exhibition, accompanied
by five south African artists. Second from the right
Mongezi Ncaphayi (Photo. P. Sinnige)

Research into the place of African art in the global art market, such as the study of dr. Rhoda Woets in Ghana, has shown how difficult it is for African artist is to acquire a place in the global art world. Partly because African art does not appear to be part of the (western) history of art and partly because western people do not directly think of African art as vibrating contemporary art.

From personal experience we can say that the person facing this art  adapts his mind quickly and is overwhelmed by the beauty of it. Therefore, it is important for us to make you acquainted with this work full of expressiveness.

Take for example by Themba Khumalo work:


In this work, entitled “I will remember and never forget” (2015), he honors the strength of South African mothers who -as the pylon- continues to stand tall in a violent world and who ensure their children they can fly out in the world, like the birds on the left. He has expressed this theme with a special printing technique, acquired during his studies at the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg.

This work is sold during this exhibition. But Clifton Bouder Gallery is in possession of more beautiful work of South African artists and have contacts that allows us to find works for you that suits your wishes. We look forward to further contact.

Clifton Boulder Gallery continues, we experience every day the richness of life among beautiful art.