On the Affordable Artfaire Amsterdam, Clifton Boulder Gallery presents the work of the South African young, emerging artist Chris Soal to the European public.

This presentation is the result of an encounter with Chris in Johannesburg. The nice thing about working with artists is that the first encouter is always with a work of art, and only secondarily, driven by the magic of the work, with the artist. We saw Chris’ work in a group exhibition at the Assamblage (an artist collective) in Johannesburg and were instantly fascinated by his two, at first glance, different pieces. Who is this artist! We met an artist par excellence; young and passionate, curious and open to the world around him. His art is inspiring, courageous, sometimes excessive, sometimes more subdued. An artist who can and will not be bound. It is the differences in his work that unit Chris.

In his work, Chris makes use of various media, such as oil paint and printing, and of products as found materials. With these media, he makes artworks that confront, challenge and perhaps comfort. The viewer sees a broad spectrum of works, which, in the eyes of Chris, are highly connected to each other. They narrate about the same themes, represented in a highly personal way.

Chris’s body of work has thus far focused mainly on themes of labour, the built environment and human interaction, and on the physical manifestations of collective thinking and action.

Chris, living in a society with major challenges, sees many arreas in which they overlap, arreas where he zooms in, searching for the sub-themes which emerge.
To propel himselve, Chris will always search for and find new projects and ways, in order to shape these important issues.

For Clifton Boulder Gallery, it is a great honor to add Chris Soal’s facinating artworks to the protfolio of the gallery – and knows that the fascination with this work will strike at anyone.