About Us

Clifton Boulder Gallery was founded in 2015, during a holiday in South Africa. It was in this journey, and the journeys that followed, that we were introduced to the rich, vibrant, powerful and sometimes raw works of South African artists.

African art has a long tradition, which has not been nourished by Western art history, but has been a great source of inspiration for Western artists in the past and in the present. Art is in Africa is not something ‘hanging on the wall’, but part of everyday life.

During the pandemic, a period when we were unable to travel, we came into contact with German artists, who, like South African artists, work from heart and soul. Their art also found a place in our gallery.

Our goal is to show art that brightens the life and fills the heart and soul of all who behold it.

We believe in art that is not verbal, reasoned; we love art that is made from the purist inner energy. Art that touches the mystery of life itself.

Clifton Boulder is an online gallery that showcases her art at art fairs, pop-ups and in your home, in the place you want to enrich.

Please, contact us and we’ll make an appointment. We hope to see you soon!